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Italian design

History and Values

Mille997 is a landmark brand in the Made in Italy interior design industry. Established in 2019, it is recognized by its clients for high-level tailoring projects that combine different materials and technologies with the goal of creating solutions and products that are highly identifiable and born to amaze.



MILLE997’s mission is to produce wall coverings and furnishing elements which deliver emotions as well as to create the living spaces where these products are placed for a better interpretation of the style, values and personality of those who live there.



Thanks to a specific know-how and last generation technologies, Mille997 can manage printing of any kind of graphics on wallpaper, glass, plexiglass, and ceramic tiles , laser decorate different materials and produce designer tables.


With a forward-looking approach, MILLE997 collaborates with architects, interior designers, shop fitters, office planners, contractors, hospitality and wellness branches for the realization of innovative collections and products.


The sustainability programme undertaken by MILLE997 aims at pursuing fundamental values linked to the brand, a responsible consideration of local realities, working ethics and the highest quality within the Made in Italy concept. Products of utmost quality levels pair with a strict and responsible commitment to protect the environment.