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Fulfilling customers’ wishes is one of Mille997’s main goals. Through constant research, Mille997 is an expertin

combining different materials and technologies to create design coordinates that aim to make unique, custom-made projects.

Progetto Hotel Negresco

Coordinated Design Projects

Restoring and re-styling of the Hotel Negresco interiors in Forte dei Marmi (Italy) represent a tangible example of how MILLE997 operates to create highly personalized spaces by utilizing coordinated design elements. A design chosen by the customer has been printed on wallpaper, then on plexiglass in a macro version, then same pattern has been laser engraved on the glass panels of the shower cabins. Same pattern in a macro version appears on the porcelain tiles fixed on the back wall of the shower.


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Passion for details drives to the realization of designer projects which are unique, fashionable, eco-friendly and Made in Italy.

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