Mille997 appoints national couriers to carry out delivery of goods; they take place at the address indicated by the customer in the order and during normal business hours, from Monday to Friday.
All goods are subject to verification, carefully packed with personalized packaging and sent with a regular invoice or delivery note.
When shipment takes place, the customer receives an email notification showing the electronic copy of the document and the shipping route. Impossibility to receive the goods, change of delivery place, absence periods must be immediately communicated to the Customer Service which takes care of the required modifications. Failing such communications, the customer is liable to charges for any storage costs occurred. Goods stored at the courier’s warehouse due to repeated impossibility of delivery remain available to the customer for a maximum of 5 working days;
in case this expiry date is exceeded, the order will be cancelled.
Mille997 also offers a call service to the buyer, meaning that, as soon as the purchase has been processed and goods are transferred to the courier, the latter will call the buyer to agree on the delivery date and time.
Standard deliveries are made at street level, close to the carrier. When specifying the order, the floor delivery service can be selected (only for Italy), for which additional charges may be raised according to volumes and weights of the goods to be delivered.
Deliveries to the floor are performed exclusively by personnel, no machineries or hoist are utilized. It is the customer’s responsibility to check accessibility of the goods to the place of delivery and report of possible difficulties and, if necessary, write directly to for a suitable solution.

Delivery times vary according to the chosen article. Some products might be available for immediate delivery, whilst for others these times might be longer and changeable due to production requirements or to the level of customization of the requested product. Delivery times can be affected by destinations particularly difficult to reach as well as by falling holiday periods. These are indicative terms, subject to changes that will be promptly notified by the Customer Service in the course of the order. Deliveries can range between 1 week up to a maximum of 4 weeks.
For emergencies or special needs connected to the delivery, our Customer Service ( can be contacted.

Goods are carefully checked and packaged at our warehouses before departure.
Upon delivery, customers are required to check:
• that the quantity of parcels delivered and the external appearance of the same correspond to what specified in the delivery note or accompanying invoice supplied by the courier;
• that the packaging is pristine and not damaged, even in the straps.
In case of tampering, breakages, wet packaging, dents or cuts, the customer must accept the goods “UNDER RESERVE” detailing the damage on the courier delivery receipt. (for example: Control reserve for dent on cardboard). The description of the damage is of basic importance; generic descriptions are not sufficient to file a damage claim against the courier.
In case of obvious damages to the products, customers can refuse delivery on the spot by specifying the reasons for the non-collection (for example: Packaging and goods damaged during transport) on the courier’s delivery receipt.
Only in the event that the fault is partial (example: 1 parcel out of 4 received), delivery should be accepted by specifying details of the damage occurred on the courier’s delivery receipt under the “GOODS CONTROL RESERVE” section. Upon delivery, the courier is not required to wait for the customer to check the products’ conditions, but only the time necessary for the customer to carry out a control on the integrity of the packaging.
We recommend the utmost attention when opening packages; scissors or cutters could damage the contents.