Libellula – Wallpaper

The “Libellula” wallpaper is a part of Les Enfants Collection by Mille997, it is designed to make places unique for children.  It’s geared to personalize any kind of rooms delivering elegance and personality.



Mille997 uses different types of wallpaper support to give the possibility to customers to install wallpaper in any type of environment:

Vinyl Wallpaper: suitable for stores, restaurants, offices, hotels, living areas, bedrooms, kitchens.

Fiberglass Wallpaper: suitable for bathrooms and high humidity environments .

Soundproof Wallpaper: suitable for hotel rooms or environments where you want to reduce sounds and noises.

Vinyl sheets technical data

Additional information
Scegli il decoro ed il formato

CUBE – 300×300 cm – CP00002_A, CUBE – 300×300 cm – CP00002_B, CUBE – 500×300 cm – CP00002_A, CUBE – 500×300 cm – CP00002_B

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