Leaves – Wallpaper

The “Leaves” wallpaper is a part of Les Enfants Collection by Mille997, it is designed to make places unique for children.  It’s geared to personalize any kind of rooms delivering elegance and personality.



The support utilized by Mille997 is made of vinyl and is suitable for covering different areas, not only residential but commercial as well, such as shops, offices, restaurants, hotels etc. The outstanding technical features of vinyl wall paper such as endurance, long life, fire resistance make it a high quality support.

Vinyl sheets technical data

The support is made up of two layers. The printable upper side is made of vinyl, the back layer is made of TNT (non-woven fabric) which delivers following characteristics to the product: – Non-absorbent and odorless; – Washable with water and neutral detergents; – Fireproof; – High dimensional stability during application and drying; – Easy fixing and removal of the product; * The use is merely decorative and the product is not suitable for floors or environments in constant contact with water and / or chemical agents such as shower trays or swimming pools.

Additional information
Scegli il decoro ed il formato

CUBE – 300×300 cm – CP00002_A, CUBE – 300×300 cm – CP00002_B, CUBE – 500×300 cm – CP00002_A, CUBE – 500×300 cm – CP00002_B

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