Garden of the Virgins
An Exploration of the Resilience of Public Space

Section Curator: Dario Pedrabissi

CRISPR-Locus by Pongratz Perbellini Architects, Maria R. Perbellini, Christian R. Pongratz with Dustin White, Dario Pedrabiss, Mille997 and other factory: By bringing together stone and nature in a lively, dynamic narration to inscribe a public open room, the installation “CRISPR” turns spatial resonances into a stage for social encounters, an emotional observation point of the beauty and power of water, still hidden by walls and the extensive complex of buildings. It is a sensorial immersion into exaptation as a reflection on the passing of time and the uniqueness of an inspiring place that went through a history of transformations: the Arsenale, one of the landmarks of Venice. “CRISPR” traits are revealed by its rules and at times latent principles which, if written computationally, are generating non-linear geometries, interchangeable as well as non-adaptive functions and relationships.